DTech Engineering Services

Construction, Mechanical, Petroleum and Electrical.

Gas Pipeline Construction and Maintenance, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Offshore Drilling, Electric Generators, Internal Combustion Engines, Steam and Gas Turbines.
DTech is one of the leading engineering company, serving customers in various engineering fields. We rely on over two decade experience as a Construction, Mechanical and Petroleum engineering company, and our power generation equipment has been installed in hundreds of power plants across Hungary. Our capabilities include a full range of power generation products as well as power production plant consultation and systems analysis services. Our services also includes; Pipeline Construction and Maintenance, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Offshore Drilling Services,

Our products and services are designed specifically for your needs. Efficient and economical and, with a vision of substainable energy solutions. We offer generator solutions for all ranges of speed, for horizontal and vertical designs, for fixed-speed and variable-speed applications and with air-cooled as well as water-cooled windings. Our generators are designed and manufactured with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

DTech Engineering Services

About Us

Founded in 2000, DTech Engineering Services, is a Construction, Mechanical, Petroleum and Electrical Engineering Company specializing in designing, building, and installing pipilines, drilling facilities, power-producing and power-using equiptments such as: electric generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines for customers throughout Hungary and worldwide. Our company’s strength is our diversity, both in the wide-ranging knowledge of our team and in the many varied markets we are capable of serving with experience and skill. In every project, we strive to demonstrate integrity, a commitment to safety, and our unrivaled determination to deliver quality results tailored to each customer’s unique needs.
  • Safety and Reliability
  • Professional Engineers
  • Two Decade Experience
  • Quality Service Delivery
  • Customer Satisfaction

David Gorog
(CEO & Founder)

DTech Engineering Services


The fusion of engineering and innovation – this is our recipe for continuing the decade story of our companys‘ success in this era.